Why Counselling?

Counselling can offer you a perspective on emotional problems which you might have struggled with for a long time, and which you now feel you need to look at and address.

Sometimes we get stuck in patterns of behaviour which we learned at an early age, and then continue to repeat throughout our lives. If these patterns are unhelpful or destructive they can interfere with all of our relationships, both personal and professional.

Counselling can help us gain insight into patterns that no longer serve us well. With this self-awareness it becomes easier to make sense of confusing emotions or damaging behaviours, and then have the opportunity to change them.

Sometimes it is hard to know if counselling is what you need, especially if you have never spoken to anyone about your feelings and emotions before. It can feel daunting to take that first step. However most people feel the benefit even after the first session, because they have taken a positive step forward in beginning to address their problems.

I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space where, together, we can explore the issues that have led you to this point in your life. The aim is to try and understand the causes behind them and to achieve more clarity and insight for you.

The first session will be an opportunity for us to explore if counselling is the right choice for you at the moment, and to establish a programme that would best meet your needs. I can offer time-limited work, to work on a very specific issue (minimum of 6 sessions)  or longer-term therapy.

The sessions last one hour. They take place weekly on a day and time that is mutually convenient.

I am an Edinburgh Counsellor working in the New Town, so i am well placed to offer Counselling and psychotherapy in Edinburgh city centre.
My areas of expertise include Couple Counselling and Relationship Counselling, as well as family therapy; Postnatal depression and counselling for self-harm and anxiety are other areas of special interest.