Who I Work With

One to one therapy enables you to bring all of your difficulties and issues into a supportive and completely confidential space.
In the safety of the counselling relationship we can explore the problems that are troubling you, and as understanding and awareness grows, work towards enabling any changes in your life that seem beneficial to you.

Relationship work can be very healing, and at times essential to allow conflict or disharmony to be resolved in whichever way is necessary for the couple.
It may be to gain a better understanding of each other, so that the relationship can improve and thrive; Or it may be to help you overcome a difficult period or set of circumstances;
It could also be to help you both manage a separation or divorce, and the difficult and conflicted feelings around this decision;
Relationship counselling with your partner can make a real difference to how you both cope with and survive all of these situations.

Conflict can be very difficult to address within a family group, and hard to change once patterns of relating have been established. A family may want to come together to counselling, to find better ways of communicating, and to hear and be heard, by others in the group. By facilitating this space, I can support family members in becoming more understanding of each other, and therefore less conflicted in their relationships.

Young adults:
Growing up is hard, and sometimes young people don’t feel comfortable speaking about their problems and anxieties with those nearest to them. Sometimes it is these very relationships that are causing the problems. Coming to speak with a person who is not a family member, and who can guide them through the maze of emotional issues that they may be encountering, and who can shed some light on why they may be finding it hard to cope, can be very helpful at this stage of life.

I am an Edinburgh Counsellor working in the New Town, so i am well placed to offer Counselling and psychotherapy in Edinburgh city centre.
My areas of expertise include Couple Counselling and Relationship Counselling, as well as family therapy; Postnatal depression and counselling for self-harm and anxiety are other areas of special interest.