Issues I Work With

This is an issue many people struggle with at certain times in their life, due to a particular life event they may be finding it hard to cope with. For others it can be a long-term condition which they have lived with for most of their lives.
Either way, evidence is now available that counselling can help gain an understanding of the causes and the triggers of an individual’s depression, and give them ways of managing it so that life becomes more enjoyable.

Stress/ Anxiety:
If problems at work, at home or within our families and relationships get to an unmanageable level, we can all become susceptible to anxiety and stress. This, in turn, can affect our sleep patterns and general health and well-being.
Talking about the issues that are affecting us, and allowing our anxiety to be expressed in a safe and contained environment, rather than bottling them up, can help to lower the levels of anxiety, and to diminish their impact on our lives.

A low or fragile self-esteem or self-confidence can really hold us back in life. If we don’t like or believe in ourselves, we don’t believe anyone else can, and this can have an impact on all aspects of our lives … careers, social situations and relationships.
Delving into why we hold these views of ourselves, and who they were influenced by, can be very helpful in discovering our own sense of self, and of improving our self-esteem.

Traumatic events in our past are often dealt with by closing the door on them. Terrible events and situations can feel too hard to contemplate, and if we were young when they occurred, they are even more deeply buried. But they do not disappear and, with time, they can seem to grow and grow, until we can ignore them no longer.
At this point, counselling can help you gently and gradually open the door to these feelings and emotions, This unburdening process, and sharing of these deeply held fears and anxieties can help eliminate them and reduce their impact on your present life.

Losing loved ones, family break-ups, moving home or country can all fill us with a sense of loss and despair. The people or places we loved and knew are no more, and we feel bereft. Big life changes can be very hard to manage emotionally.
Getting emotional support from a Counsellor at difficult times of transition can be a very positive thing. We can feel less alone with our feelings, we have a place to bring our sadness, and we can find support in coming to terms with the loss or change.

Patterns of how we interact with each other can be set very early on in life, and are learnt within our families. These are not always positive patterns of relating, and in later life can lead to problems in adult relationships with partners or colleagues.

Counselling helps you stand back from these unconscious patterns, and can give you some insight into how and why you behave in these ways. This in turn, might help you find ways of adapting your behaviour and changing unhelpful patterns, so that relationships become easier to maintain and establish.

I am an Edinburgh Counsellor working in the New Town, so i am well placed to offer Counselling and psychotherapy in Edinburgh city centre.
My areas of expertise include Couple Counselling and Relationship Counselling, as well as family therapy; Postnatal depression and counselling for self-harm and anxiety are other areas of special interest.